Saturday, December 22, 2007

Salarien Pheasa Khmer at Prasat Phum Pon, Surin province

The first salarien pheasa Khmer at the oldest Khmer Temple in Surin province

Many Khmer may now know the Phum Pon but for the Surin people, Phum Pon is the oldest Khmer temple in modern days Thailand. It stands for 1,600 years to tell how the first generation of the Khmer people achieved its civilization. Of course, this is not just an ordinary Khmer community. It has 3 barays (water reserviors) and a road link to other Khmer villages since the time memorial.

ILEP (Indigenous Language Education Project) is pleased to announce its milestone in setting the Khmer Language School at Phum Pon. It will be the symptom of the last long Khmer language in Surin province. ILEP welcome all the Khmer people to join the inauguaration of the school on the 19th of January 2008 at 9.00 a.m. to pay a homage to the Khmer ancestors. All are welcome. Coming to Surin from Bangkok can be made through the buses and trains. From Phnom Penh, please come to Poi Pet then takes the bus from the Rong Klua to Chong Tako and wait for a bus to Surin town. Cheap accommodation can be found in Surin city or ILEP can arrange for the pick up service if you come in group. Please come and witness the first Khmer Language School at Phum Pon village in Sangkha city, Surin.
Interested persons can phone to Chheymongkol at 66-87-5815514 or at


Salarien Pheasa Khmer Surin said...

Dear Wittaya,

Please add your further comment for the new project.

Bong Mongkol

562-490-0915 said...

Congratulations! I applauded for Khmer Surin and Mongkol for their hard work.

Chantara Nop

Sem said...

Dear brother CHANTARA NOP
when I see your poems, I think that it very good.
Before i think that Surin is Thailand, but now by your poems i know Surin is also Khmer too.

I wish you good luck all time and have alot of poem for Khmer.

From Khmer in Phnom Penh

Sacrava said...

Dear Lauk Mongkol,
....Someday I'll see you there.
All the best to you & your family.
Many thanks for your devoution toward our Khmer Nation & its Culture.
Bun H.Ung

Roeun said...

Hi Mr.Mongkol, i don't know, u r always in Phnom Penh or not,
i want meet u for an interview because i'm a journalist,
u can contact me

My name is Don said...

Dear Mr. Mongkol and Surin people,
I wish you success in preserving and promoting our language. The culture of Khmer people will live on with the new generations thanks to your work.

Make it bigger and success that future will bring our people united closer in our hearts from Cambodia to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

Roeun said...

Vive le khmer surin,,,,
Notre compatriote...

Arun said...

It's so wonderful and so delightful that bong MONKOL to help organizing this project.
I wish I can visit you some days and God bless you for your good purpose.
Khmer Canada